Do I have to be a legal resident of the United States?

Yes. All individuals seeking to work with Service Representatives of America must legally reside in the United States if they are servicing customers based in the United States. However, there are opportunities for individuals in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada (please ask us about details).

Why is a National Background check required?

Our Provider’s clients have high integrity standards and thus no one can become a Certified Professional if they have been convicted, pled guilty or pled no contest to a felony or certain misdemeanor charges (such as fraud).  Some clients have more stringent standards with respect to being eligible to service their particular account.  Most traffic violations do not constitute as a disqualifying event. There is NO credit check performed.

How much can I make on average with your company?

The service fee is usually comprised of a fixed rate, by call rate, a variable rate, by minute rate or any combination thereof. Some third shift applications offer a by hour rate. These service fee structures vary by client for either calls answered, transactions processed, or minutes serviced each hour. Whether the service fee is paid on a per-call per-minute or per-hour basis, it generally adds up to between $10 and $16+ per hour with some sales and service applications providing performance incentives and bonuses.

Will I be required to work a set schedule?

No, you have complete control over your work schedule! You create your own schedule and select the days and times that you choose to service. * Please note: Select clients do require weekend hours, typically between 3-5 hours and you have the option to determine which day to fulfill that requirement. We are always here to assist you with creating a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

What does it cost me to work under your company?

There is a fee of $19.75 (subject to change) paid directly to our Provider every pay period along with a bi-monthly (every pay period) service fee paid to your SVSC (Service Representatives of America) for management cost. Both the Provider & SVSC service fee come directly out of your paycheck.  Our service fee is 10% of your income (minus any bonuses or commission).* Please note: Some client opportunities offer commission and bonuses.  Service Representatives of America does not withhold a service fee on any commission or bonus earned by the associate. That money is 100% yours!

Why does your company charge a service fee?

As with any VSC/SVSC we deduct a service fee for the purpose of management cost.  Here at Service Representatives of America, we work hard to assure our associates are provided with the tools and resources necessary to succeed. As with any business this will generate administrative cost, liability, and service fees for time spent managing ACPs.

Why charge a semi-monthly service fee?

The service fee is charged for the infrastructure the provider provides, including the 24-Hour Client Technical Support Help Desk and  scheduling system. The semi-monthly service fee is currently $19.75 and is deducted twice a month (bi-weekly) from your paycheck. No ACP is charged the fee until the first invoice period after it begins providing customer interaction services to its first client.

How often will I get paid and what do I need to get started?

Associates are compensated for services rendered on the 14th and 28th of every month via direct deposit or a company check. Associates who choose to decline direct deposit will be issued a company check via USPS. To begin getting compensated, Service Representatives of America will need to have on file: A fully executed W-9 form (will be emailed to you), direct deposit form (will be emailed to you) and a photo copy of your driver’s license or government issued photo identification card (this requirement is needed for tax purposes).

Are there any start-up fees associated with this opportunity?

The applicant is responsible for the cost of: (1). The National Background Check – $12.95-$25.95, (2). ACP 101 Certification Course – $0-$99 (depending on current specials), (3). The client certification course – $50-$225.

Is this a legitimate work-at-home job?

Yes, this is by far a 100% legitimate work at home opportunity partnered with a reputable company branded as the world’s leading provider of virtual business services.  You will be providing customer service to the consumers of highly regarded premium brand companies in the United States.

Is there an opportunity for growth within your company?

Yes! We are excited to offer continued growth to our associates. We believe in developing and nurturing leadership amongst individuals.

If you have other questions, please contact us.